Our Services

Diversity Jobsite offers diversity management best practices and connects employers to an increasingly multicultural marketplace. The site delivers critical expertise about BME groups and play a key role in adapting vacancy information for our target audience. The job listings include automatic email alert system which matches every job listing to suitable candidates on a daily basis and ensures that a web link to your job listings is swiftly emailed to our audiences.

Basic Job Listing

  • Branding with Company Logo
  • Detailed job description
  • URL and Email Link
  • Compatible with Apply Online
  • Live within 1 hour
  • £395

Standard Job Listing

  • Diversity Networks Job Posting
  • LGBT Media Job Posting
  • Disability Networks Job Posting
  • Keywords Sponsorship
  • Auto Refreshed after 72 hours
  • Featured Jobs by Email
  • £485

Premium Job Listing Multipack

  • Home Page
  • High Impact Visibility
  • Employer of the Week
  • Equality Networks Job Posting
  • Compatible with Apply Online
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Diversity Ranking Multipack

  • Home Page Premium Position
  • Positive Publicity and Recognition
  • LGBT Media
  • Disability Networks
  • Diversity Networks
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Premium job listing always aligned to target candidates at senior level and many clients now use a different method to influence the candidates to apply for vacancies and to raise awareness of their brand/website. Anyone involved in managing diversity will end up using the Equality Networks.

Equality Networks

  • Asian Jobsite
  • Disability Jobsite
  • Disability Network
  • Disability Network
  • Ethnic Jobsite
  • LGBT Media

If you have any questions about subscription job posting or our Diversity Champions programme please email us at: sales@diversityjobsite.co.uk and we will aim to respond within 1 hour or Tel: 020 7183 7548.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier and Cyber Essential Accreditation

Job Boards Media is one of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier listed on the G-Cloud platform and accredited in supplying the UK Public Sector. The company holds Cyber Essential accreditation that demonstrate our adherence to government standards. This is a good platform for advertising in a trusted environment.