The Diversity Jobsite was designed to assist employers in finding the highest quality jobseekers from the UK's ethnic and minority groups, as well as to promote the entire variety of possibilities available for jobseekers inside firms that are Equal Opportunity Employers.

Following the implementation of new statutory criteria for the public sector on diversity recruitment, there is a need for companies to access competent applicants who are reflective of the diversity of the UK workforce.

The rules compel the UK's 45,000 public sector companies to demonstrate that they have implemented best diversity practise in their recruiting procedures; applicants examined must reflect the complete variety of the UK workforce.

The Diversity Jobsite technology has recently significantly improved our job description view and application procedure through mobile device. With the continuous rapid expansion of the usage of mobile devices to look for and apply for jobs, we have implemented a mobile responsive review and apply procedure.

Diversity Jobsite

Promoting Equal Opportunities

Although some progress has been achieved in redressing the disparity in employment rates amongst minority groups, there is still a great deal of work to be done. The Equality Act and diversity policies have been created to combat this "employment gap" and urge firms to fully utilise the talents and potential of minority group employees.

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