Every business that recruits candidates is required to meet a diversity monitoring framework in order to protect against discrimination settlements. Our diversity network channels are designed to make it easy for you to confirm your compliance by using our monitoring statistics in an evidence-based way that fosters cohesion.

  • Thousands of job seekers visit our website every week
  • Over 20% of Local Authorities have used the service
  • 40% of our clients have long-term subscription

Our success as a business is directly correlated to our ongoing efforts to attract diverse talent for our clients. Job Boards Media is one of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier listed on the G-Cloud platform and accredited in supplying the UK Public Sector. The company holds Cyber Essential accreditation that demonstrate our adherence to government standards. This is a good platform for advertising in a trusted environment.

Branded Home Page Banner: They’re great traffic drivers, as by clicking on your banner, job seekers are taken to either your company profile, your job ad, job search results, or your website.

Branded Home Page Button: Links are non;animated advertising which appear at the home pages, providing a high visibility short;cut straight to your information.

Branded Company Profile: Company profile page gives advertisers a mini website within our niche coverage dedicated to promoting their organisation, its opportunities and career development policies to interested candidates.

Home Page Featured Employers: This is a value added option, allowing advertisers to uniquely position their organisation’s name at the home page, with a dedicated link

Email Campaign: Press releases enable diversity friendly organisations to get their diversity news out, to promote the work their people in the business or organisation are doing, or to announce changes.

Job Listing Subscriptions: This subscription allows the jobs you post on your website to automatically appear on our niche job boards. We do all the work! You can avoid having to send the jobs to us.

The Diversity Jobsite brings together the most comprehensive package to help you manage the success of your equal opportunities recruitment campaign, including brand building, job postings and helping to drive traffic to your organisation website.

The key benefits of using Diversity Jobsite are:

  • Addressing Exclusion
  • Increasing Awareness
  • Opportunity to promote diversity in the workplace
  • Contact with your target market

By embedding equality and diversity, employers protect themselves from the risk of engaging job board partner organisations that do not comply with the equality legislation. This is a good platform for advertising in a trusted environment.